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Copper Bisglycinate Supplement Powder 6g



Copper Bisglycinate, an optimally absorbed Albion mineral chelate, supports bone, blood vessels, heart, nerve, and skin health.


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Copper is 26.04%.  So ~1560mg of copper per 6g of Copper Bisgylcinate Powder.

Compare this pricing to Thorne Copper Bisglycinate Pills @ $16 for 120 mg. That is why we compare to price to $221.52.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Each order includes one 2-in-1 Static-Free Micro Scoop With 10-15 mg + 25-30 mg Measuring Spoon. 

VERSATILE 2-IN-1 MICRO MEASURING SPOON. One side is a 10-15 mg measuring spoon, and the other is a 25 – 30 milligram spoon, so you have both measurements in one tiny scoop!

STATIC-FREE POLYPROPYLENE = LESS WASTE/MESS. Other plastics waste your powder with their static cling. Our micro scoops are made of BPA-free plastic that won’t make a mess with wasted powder.

QUICK & CONVENIENT ALTERNATIVE TO A MILLIGRAM SCALE. No more having to stop and use a scale to measure the correct dosage. Use this micro scoop in your car, on a trip, at work or school or at the gym.